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State of Brandenburg
and Berlin
(from 06.07.2018 on)

for companies
  • based in Brandenburg or Berlin or
  • foreign companies with border crossing in Brandenburg or Berlin

Contact Partner:
Ines Kabelitz
Tel. +49 (0)331 2793-65

Anke Schmidt
Tel. +49 (0)331 2793-62

Fax +49 (0)331 2793-8080
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Carriers, collectors, dealers and brokers of waste are defined in § 3 of the Waste Management and Product Recycling Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz - KrWG):

  • Collectors of waste
    Persons or companies that collect waste professionally or collect waste within other commercial activities.
  • Carriers of waste
    Persons or companies that carry/transport waste professionally or carry/transport waste within other commercial activities.
  • Dealers of waste
    Persons, companies or public institutions that are responsible for acquiring and selling waste professionally or within other commercial activities.
  • Brokers of waste
    Persons, companies or public institutions that, professionally or within other commercial activities, are responsible for the management of waste for third parties.

Note: Public waste management authorities are not considered as collectors/carriers within the scope of their public duties and are therefore not affected by the permit and notification requirements as carriers. This is different, however, for the third parties commissioned by the public waste management authorities – depending on the type of waste, since 1st June 2012 these parties must own a permit or have to register their activity. The regulations according to §§ 53, 54 of the KrWG also apply to non-profit collectors of waste that carry out the collection themselves (with the intention of making a profit, even in the case of not-for-profit use). The regulations do not apply to the non-profit collector if they do not collect themselves.

Information on the procedures in the State of Brandenburg

Collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of waste have to inform the competent authority before beginning their activities or require a permit. These obligations apply uniformly to all collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of waste irrespective of whether this activity is the company’s sole purpose or just a significant part of its operation. For example, if waste transport is only a secondary service to the actual business activity, it is also obligatory to register (“within other commercial activities”). This means that not only pure carriers, container services and demolition companies are affected but, in principle, also construction companies or craftsmen who, in addition to their main “construction” service, transport waste from the construction site to the waste disposal plant or to the company’s own yard as a secondary task. For further details, see the Notification and Permit Ordinance (Anzeige- und Erlaubnisverordnung - AbfAEV).

Registration is subject to charges.

Administrative Offence

The KrWG also contains provisions on fines. According to § 69 of the KrWG, a fine of up to 100,000.00 € can be imposed on those who do not comply with official obligations for permits or registration; or those who handle waste without permits or despite prohibition. A fine of up to 10,000.00 € may be imposed if the waste management activity has not been registered in advance or the regulations of the AbfAEV are not complied with. Also a missing “A” sign carries a fine. The same is true if the transporter hires a subcontractor without an own registration or permission.

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